At the time their paths first crossed in 1987 at a tall-building law firm in downtown Dallas, Cynthia had just left the Dallas Court of Appeals after serving as Justice and Chief Staff Attorney and Nona, following a stint with a federal district judge in Birmingham, Alabama, was a new associate. For over a dozen years, they practiced together, and although their backgrounds couldn't be more different, the pair quickly discovered how their synergy enabled them to produce good results for their clients. Nona eventually left the big firm to pursue other interests, but after a decade of practicing in separate locations the two decided to reunite to form Hollingsworth Walker.

Hollingsworth's background enables her to be uniquely suited to assist trial lawyers to analyze the client's claims, to develop the best strategy for achieving the client's objectives, and to participate in the trial process. Her clients are often trial lawyers who call on her for appellate assistance and also those who benefit from her experience in preparation of jury charges, motions for summary judgments and other case-dispositive motions, and general trial support.

Walker has handled a multitude of litigation matters, with particular interest in resolving business disputes. Her in-house experience has sharpened her skill at honing in on her client's needs and objectives which often enables her to resolve disputes in the most cost-effective manner.

With over 60 years of trial-related practice between them, Hollingsworth Walker has the experience to take a case to trial or to handle its appeal. For their attorney colleagues who need assistance in working up a case, HW can often offer a fresh perspective in the development, trial, and appeal of any matter and, importantly, without interfering with existing attorney/client relationships.